The Legal 500 is supporting Billable Hour by giving the firms that make its list a license to humblebrag about it.

The Legal 500 publishes directories of law firms and lawyers – but they are not just directories. Painstaking research goes into collecting and collating feedback on lawyers featured, with rankings based on contact with 250,000 in-house peers globally and access to law firm deals and confidential matters, which are then independently assessed by the research team. The only way a lawyer or law firm can make it into The Legal 500 rankings or commentary is on merit.

The purpose of The Legal 500 is to help corporate counsel find the right advisors through its law firm rankings and editorial and, incidentally, provide a huge boost to the self-esteem of those whose excellence is acknowledged.

Lawyers who are ranked in The Legal 500 like to share the news and each year, on the day of publication of the UK edition, social media is awash with “humblebragging”. Billable Hour sought, cheekily, to take advantage, selling imaginary “licences” to those who want to set about blowing their own trumpet like Miles Davis. The Legal 500 saw what we were doing and threw their weight behind it. Their support has been extraordinary and, in less than 24 hours of publication of this year’s guide,  over £10,000 has been raised.

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