Time is money and money saves lives.

In September 2015, the terrible consequences of the refugee crisis were plain. Horror at the suffering of the desperate and the sight of children washed ashore compelled us all to help.

A group of lawyers set up a donation page and invited professionals to donate a sum equivalent to a single billable hour of their time. The campaign was called Billable Hour and it raised over £200,000 in its first year. All the money went to Save the Children to help them in their incredible efforts to aid refugees.

Today, Billable Hour has expanded beyond lawyers, and continues to support children in some of the toughest circumstances. Yemen is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, with children at its centre. Now, Billable Hour is focused on reaching the 11.3 million Yemeni children in need of urgent support.

Time for us, once again, to stand up for justice.